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General Information-

Malaga Island is off the coast of Casco Bay, Maine. It was a mixed-race settlement, and is located near the mouth of the New Meadows River. New Meadows River is of of the coast of Phippsbug, Maine. It was first settled in the late 1700s by descendants of Benjamin Darling. As time went on the island got larger and ended up with a population of around 50 in 1912. That is when they were evicted from the island by the government. The island was in poor condition, there was severe poverty and illness. This was part of the reason why they were forced to leave. There were rumors of interracial marriages which was thought to be a problem at the time. The islanders were too poor to clean up the island. The look of the island concerned mainland's. The mainlanders thought that the island's appearance would decrease the amount of vacationers and tourists that would visit Maine. When they were forced out, most of them were sent to live in mainland communities. Others were sent to Pineland. At the time, Pineland was the Maine Home for the Feeble-Minded. All of the shacks and buildings on Malaga Island were burned down or razed. To keep the former islander's from returning to the island for any reason, the graves and remains of any deceased islander that had been buried on the island were dug up and reburied in a cemetery next to Pineland. This was one of the worst times in Maine's history.
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