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Masi Oka, a stereotypical Japanese nerd, was randomly chosen to play the role of Hiro Nakamura in the television series Heroes. He has an obsession over fairy-tail samurai and their swords. To control his "power", Hiro believes that he must possess the sword which belonged to the legendary warrior Takezo Kensei.


Apu (The Simpsons) is an example of Indian stereotypes. He owns a convenience store and speaks with a very heavy Indian accent. He also represents Indian immigrants coming to America to try and make a living.


Sun and Jin (Lost) are examples of Korean stereotypes. While Sun (left) can speak English, Jin can not. Therefore, when these two characters interact during the show, it is presented in subtitles. Jin also tends to not interact with the other characters because he can not speak English.


The Sopranos are an example of Italian-American stereotypes. The show reinforces the stereotype that all Italian-Americans are involved with the mafia. images/sopranos1.jpg

Long Duck Dong (Sixteen Candles) is an example of Asian stereotypes. Whenever he appears in the movie, a gong is sounded. He also speaks with a heavy accent and broken English.


Nelly (left) plays a running back in the 2005 movie The Longest Yard. The movie reinforces the largely popular stereotype that all African-Americans are very fast and athletic.


Sacha Baron Cohen plays a Kazakh reporter in the recent movie Borat. His character is extremely ignorant, and speaks in an incredibly heavy accent and broken English. The movie portrays Kazakhs and most people from the eastern Europe as ignorant and unintelligent.