Eric Alva

Eric Alva was the first American seriously wounded in Iraq, but after his recovery he was awarded the purple heart. Eric has now come out about being gay and is working with the Human Rights Campaign to demolish the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy that the military uses. This policy forbids gay, lesbian and bisexual Americans from talking about their sexual identity while serving with the armed forces. The Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy is the only kind of policy in the country that says you can’t reveal your personal life . The punishment if you do, can be as bad a losing your position in the military. The 65,000 gay, lesbian and bisexual people that serve in the military a living in fear of this policy. An estimate that the government has spent between $250 million and $1.2 billion in investigating people that want to serve but can’t because of sexual life.

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Eric Growing Up

Eric's father and grand father were both in the military. His father fought in Vietnam and his grand father fought in World War II and Korean War. Eric was luky and knew what was coming for him when he saw what his friends went through when they joined. Eric was sworn in to the military on June 15, 1990 when he was 19. later he spent time developing skills for the military and then was stationed in Okinawa Japan. later he found himself in Iraq where he was injured and had his life changed for ever.
2007 5/23/07
Eric Alva
comming out against don't ask don't tell
May 29, 2007 5/25/07
Don't ask don't tell from the inside out
Eric Alva

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