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Charlene Teters

Nate S.

external image tetersphoto.jpgCharlene Teters was born in Spokane, Washington. She's a native member of the Spokane Tribe, under the name Slum Tah. She was raised for all of her childhood in and around Spokane, just outside the Spokane Indian Reserve. She has almost always been active in fighting the use of Native American mascots. Teters is one of the founding members of the National Coalition on Racism.

In 1984, Charlene Teters began studies at the Institute of American Indian Arts in Santa Fe, New Mexico. After graduating there in 1986 with an Associate degree of Fine Arts in painting, she went to the College of Santa Fe. She graduated there with a Bachelor's Fine Arts degree for painting in 1988.

During a 1992 University of Minnesota basketball game, Charlene Teters and other American Indian Movement, or AIM, members were attacked by students and U-Minnesota Police for pacifically protesting the University of Illinois mascot: a student in an eagle-feathered headdress. She started the Office of Racial Justice for the National Congress of American Indians.