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Casey Martin is a pro golfer. When he was younger, he won 17 junior titles in his home state, Oregon. Casey got a scholarship to Standford University were he played with to Tiger Woods and Notay Begay and won the 1994 NCAA Champion. Casey had gotten a scholarship to Standford University to play golf. As Casey's golf career went up, there was a problem that was affecting him. Casey had what was known as Klippel-Trenaunay-Webber Syndrome. A rare circulatory disorder which makes his legs very weak. He couldn't walk through all 18 hole in the golf course. When Casey was playing in the NCAA games, they didn't mind him using a golf cart at all. But as Casey then went into the PGA, they didn't want to make the "reasonable modifications" to accomidate him. The PGA refused to change there rules so that he could get around. Casey decided to file a suit under the ADA to help him get the PGA to change there mind and allow him to use a golf cart. Casey Martin won his case against the PGA, 7-2, and is allowed to a golf cart. Casey Martin now helps with the ADA and is now a proud sponsor, too.
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